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Pukalani Falls Garden

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Stunning Pukalani Falls Garden

Stunning Pukalani Falls Garden

Pukalani Falls is one of Hawaii’s most celebrated tropical gardens. When you walk through the ornate teak entry gates, your senses are taken to an all new level.  While your eyes are first drawn to the tropical water garden replete with colorful blossoming lilies and ornate koi fish swimming about, your ears are treated to the mesmerizing sound of two bubbling brooks flowing gracefully into the garden. At the same time the intoxicating scent of blossoming jasmine flowers fill the air.

As you walk over the stepping stones which appear to be floating in the flowing brooks, you next find yourself traversing a little forest of tropical palms, golden Balinese bamboo, and angel’s trumpet flowers hanging overhead. Nearing the end of the forest, you begin hearing the strong yet tranquilizing sounds of falling water.

As you eventually come out of the forest you find yourself entering a garden so magical, it will take your breath away. In one direction the majestic Pukalani Falls is cascading elegantly amid stately palms, gigantic ferns and a variety of lush Hawaiian foliage.

Looking across the immaculate carpet like lawn in the center of the garden, you will see a 17 foot lava rock wall with streams of water gracefully gliding down out of glazed terracotta scuppers. Also, on the far side of the garden is a thatched gazebo decorated with hand carved furniture, beckoning you to come on in and relax.

The varieties of tropical fruits, flowers and other Hawaiian botanicals are too many to mention. Suffice it to say, Pukalani Falls is a horticultural Mecca.

Surrounded by the many gardens is an architectural masterpiece the local Hawaiian folks have affectionately named “The Hawaiian Hobbit House”.  This…

Pukalani Falls is actually supplied by artesian well water. Unlike most Hawaiian waterfalls that dry up or slow down to a trickle during our many dry spells, Pukalani Falls is always flowing in its full glory. Furthermore, during our rainy periods most Hawaiian waterfalls wash away the surrounding vegetation which diminishes their tropical appearance.

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Pukalani Falls

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Pukalani Falls Garden from Capt. Howie on HawaiiWeddings.com.

Pukalani Falls and Gardens in Waimanalo, Hawaii

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